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Look Book 2016
Genuine Glow 2016
Estée Lauder.
Look Book 2016
On June 7th 2016 the Sasha Unisex brand in collaboration with Estée Lauder presented the first Look Book of the summer collection of temporary tattoos. Its deafening success was provided not only with strong support of the American company, but also presence of such remarkable and creative Russian bloggers as Elena Sheidlina, Yana Kryukova and Maria Kuzmenkova. Natalya Turovnikova was the stylist of the project, together with the international Estée Lauder makeup artist Elena Motynova, she created the model looks for shooting of the photographer Alyona Chandler. The publication on reached about half a million Internet users in less than 2 weeks, what became the culmination of the project.

Estée Lauder.
Genuine Glow 2016
The summer of 2016 became the sign period in Sasha Unisex collaboration with the world famous company Estée Lauder. In support of launch of a new collection of the "shining" Genuine Glow cosmetics made by the legendary beauty brand, we created a series of t-shirts with the unicorn topped with a glowing star. The shining effect also was given to print by unique Sasha's artwork with color shades, without using any special production methods. Magic t-shirts were issued in limited number, and it was possible get them only purchasing products from the new Estée Lauder collection in cosmetic shops Rive Gauche and Ile de Beaute throughout Russia.
Genuine Glow
Genuine Glow 2
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