Fake Freckles: Botanica


The set of 1 Flower Freckles stripe and 1 Petals Freckles stripe.

Package size: 17,5х18cm / 6.9 x 7 inches

The freckles last 1-3 days on the average. If you apply them over your makeup, they will be wiped away together with makeup at the end of the day. The freckles will last 2-3 days on the clean skin.

How to apply:
1. Remove the plastic top. 
2. Apply the stripe with freckles to your skin. Adjust the stripe position.
3. Press the stripe tight to your face with a wet towel for a few seconds — it will repeat the relief of your face because it has custom darts to ensure maximum tight application. Thoroughly rub the padding to ensure that all the freckles are transferred to the skin without exception.  

The freckles are easily removed by using a waterproof makeup remover, baby / olive oil or a scotch tape.

6 reasons to choose Unicorns Out Freckles instead of drawing them by yourself:
— a couple of minutes will be enough to apply them
— they are no commonplace freckles, but silver, gold or even flower or unicorn design
— they absolutely won't be rubbed away by an occasional touch 
— it’s a perfect alternative  to makeup and jewellery 
— the size of a freckles stripe is universal and fits both wide and narrow faces
— it is easy to apply freckles, because the stripe with freckles has custom darts, and thus fits tightly to the skin.

More inspiration — in our social media @unicornsout.

Artist: Palm Youli

Color: Colorful

Size: Big