Sea buckthorn

Temporary tattoo
Usually the tattoos last 2-10 days depending on the application's location and the type of your skin. On the average, they will last 5 days on your body and 1-2 days on your face.

How to apply:
1. You may apply the temporary tattoo upon the clean skin or over the makeup.
2. Remove the transparent protective layer from the front.
3. Apply the tattoo face down and adjust the position using the ghosted image on the reverse side.
4. Wet the paper padding thoroughly using some water and a paper towel. Press down for several seconds and rub the padding thoroughly. 
5. Peel off the paper padding and let your tattoo to dry.

The temporary tattoo can be easily removed by using a waterproof makeup remover, baby / olive oil or a scotch tape.

Useful tips: 
 • Tattoos last longest on the body parts that are minimally prone to bending and rubbing (by straps, bag handles and watch wristlets).
 • If a tattoo is applied upon your makeup, it will last until the makeup is removed.
 • Try to avoid oils, lotions and sunscreens — this is how you prolong the life of your tattoo.
 • But you can take a shower, swim in the sea or splash in the pool as much as you like — tattoo is not afraid of water.

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Size 13,5х4 cm

Artist: Lenera Solntseva

Color: Colorful

Size: Small